Interview with Cheryl Cherian


Cheryl Cherian

What’s the story behind your latest book?

I decided to write Note to Self: A Collection of Thoughts on Life because I’ve seen and read so many self-improvement books, as have many I know. A lot of them look great and may effect change for a week or a month. I really wanted to get at something that readers can relate to. I didn’t want to approach the book as a super-human, but rather someone who has flaws and is also in the lifelong process of self-improvement. With my understanding of psychology and mental health counseling, I applied my background and experiences to achieve that goal.


What is the greatest joy of writing for you?

The joy of writing is being able to express myself. In many countries around the world people, and women in particular, are given no voice. To be able to share my thoughts and work on such a public forum is a blessing and a privilege.


What is your writing process?

I basically write whatever comes to mind. Initially there is no organization whatsoever. Once I have something to work with I am able to see what it is that I am writing about and give it more of a direction and flow.


How do you approach cover design?

My cover design for my book was a picture I actually took myself at St. Petersburg beach in Florida. It’s one of my favorite places for peace of mind and a great time. I thought it was only fitting as the cover for a book intended to give readers peace of mind.


Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?

I grew up in Tampa, FL. Though I am of Indian origin, it certainly fed my progressive thoughts and allowed me to take the stance on mental health that I have today.


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