Note to Self: A Collection of Thoughts on Life


Cheryl Cherian With Book

Note to Self: A Collection of Thoughts on Life is author Cheryl Cherian’s reflections on life’s many intricacies. This self-improvement book includes perspectives on her own lived-experiences, those of others, and lessons picked up along the way which have molded her approaches and outlook on life.

In this debut book, Tampa native and University of South Florida graduate Cheryl Cherian has put together some ramblings and random thoughts on essential life topics such as forgiveness, friends and foes, grief, kindness, identity, positive vibes, relationships, struggles, happiness, etc.

“Most of these were little pieces of observations or advice to myself, which in a way were my inspiration,” she notes. Well, the notes could also be motivational for the reader. While admitting that forgiveness can be challenging, she writes, “… it’s what I strive for, for my own peace of mind … Most importantly however, we have to learn to forgive ourselves. Sometimes we are our own greatest critic.”

On struggles in life: “Whatever might be your obstacle in life right now, if you challenge yourselves to overcome it, I guarantee that you can meet the countless obstacles to come with the memory of how you overcame this one.”

On ‘what ifs’: “Live in the present rather than in fear of the future or what might be. Challenge yourself and watch your fears disappear.”

On optimism: “Surround yourself with positive things and positive people, and exuding positive vibes yourself will be that much easier.”

On getting real: “Be humble. Nobody likes someone who is boastful. Humility will take you a long way in every situation and with every person you encounter.”

On happiness: “If you want happiness, we have to wish happiness for others as well … Happiness is everyone’s birthright. Go out and chase your happiness. Do the things you love that make you happy. Spend time with the people who make you smile. Spread the happiness. Life is too short to not live it to the fullest.”

Kudos to Cherian, who is pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in mental health counseling, for a simple to read and understand self-improvement book.

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